Slater joins White Coat Motel

Debut Record 'MOTEL' out now


Sibs - Made with Sass

"‘Sibs’ delves into the question of career vs. family."

-2015, Indie Wire


Modern Aliens - Documentary Periodical

"Modern Aliens: A Documentary Periodical isn't afraid to uncover the truth, or make fun of the absurd conspiracy theorists who actually (seem to) believe stuff like this."

-2017, Paste Magazine


"It would be funny if it wasn't so plausible."

-2017, Splitsider


Tigers Be Still - Black Lab Theatre


Houston Theatre Awards 2015

"In a word, the cast is sublime. In further words, they are electric, moving, superlative. Slater (Sherry), making her Houston debut, has a standing invitation to come back anytime."


"Slater plays her with bounding giddiness, even when Sherry isn't very enthused, which makes her character even more endearing. Like the B team, we root loudest for her. Slater's so unspoiled and unassuming, she makes each twitter and twitch a personal statement. The goofiest girl in class, she becomes queen of the prom."

-D.L Groover, Jan 2015




"Slater anchors the production with her lovably flaky Sherry. She has a way of seeming emphatic, overexcited and goofily insecure all at once - a blend of boldness and mortification at how conspicuous she's making herself."

-Everett Evans, 2015

"...a twitchy, neurotic, stammering mix of Lisa Kudrow and Sally Hawkins..."

-Jessica Goldman, Jan 2015, Applause Meter


"...the story's guide, Samantha Slater is relatable. She makes Sherry perky and optimistic while shining light on her underlying frazzledness. Compared to everyone else Slater is the energizer bunny, but it works given Sherry's eagerness to succeed and be a cheerleader for the other characters. An "I'm trying even though I'm barely just figuring out my life" quote could easily go on a meme of some of her hilarious facial expressions."


-Nyderah Williams, Jan 2015,


Just Sayin' - Original Series

"It’s easy to see why Just Sayin’ is a selection at the Hollyweb Festival. Episodes are short little gems..."


"...the smart dialogue reveals each character’s individual quirks. If you have ever had a roommate, you will certainly be able to relate to some of the situations Slater, Clayton, and Hoffman, each with a good list of indie credits, made the right move in creating Just Sayin’ as a vehicle for their talents. I hope to see many more episodes of this enjoyable show."


-Susan Siniawsky, March 4th 2014


 "...the three performers are impeccable"


-Joel Bassaget, Decemeber 8, 2014

Tesla - Off Broadway

"...Katherine, played by the capable Samantha Slater, drops hints of unrequited love between Tesla and herself...”


-Hayley Levitt, May 2013, Theater Mania



"Slater does double duty playing Katherine Johnson, the wife of Tesla’s friend and supporter Robert Underwood, as well as Mary, Edison’s enthusiastic social-climbing wife.”


-David Kent, May 2013, Science Traveler 


Tesla sells out opening night!


-May 2013, Broadway World News Desk


The 'L' Word - Musical Sketch Comedy 

"...genuinely hilarious..."


"...monologue [written and] performed by Samantha Slater titled "Veut-tu faire amout” counters the harassment women suffer on a daily basis, adding real life experiences with just the right touch of humour to make it a very powerful piece."


-4 Stars, Michael Garth, August 2008


"One of the edgiest scenes is listening to Slater gush over cosmetic surgery as we watch her morph into a grotesque monster. In another scene she pairs up with Southward for a slow-motion tampon relay that ends in embarassment. No subject is safe from these witty barbs...”


-Anna, Borowiecki, August 2008, St. Albert Gazette 

"The fabulous four prove that even though they're only in their 20s, they already know all the nuances of the female experiences”


"I didn't want it to end!"

-4 stars, Janet Ngo, August 2008, See Magazine


"This is a well-written, well-executed show starring a cast of four poised and talented young women who can actually sing! In tune! In time! Hallelujah!"


"Inventive and passionately performed. The 'L' Word is magic."

-4.5 Stars Elizabeth Whitey, August 2008